A Digital Platform for Private Equity in
Emerging Markets

ADC develops and deploys digital solutions that improve any core investment thesis
within the special situation and Private Equity business of the ALTUS Group


Partnering is the cornerstone
of success in the digital space

We actively partner with great companies
to help energize and accelerate the process of
digitalization in Emerging Markets.


Emerging Markets require
relationships and focus

We focus on our core strengths in the ASEAN region
• Fintech
• E-Commerce
• Real Estate Tech
• Digital Media

We are a support platform for Private Equity in Emerging Markets, bolting a digital layer onto an investment case to enhance the core thesis, improve operating results, and capture adjacent revenue streams.

Who We Are

What We Do

How We Do It

Where We Do It

ALTUS Digital Capital

We are more than financial engineers:  we roll up our sleeves and work closely with you to improve earnings and build value via improved products, process, strategy, and ultimately, deeper customer relationships.

Mobile internet, big data, automation of knowledge work, and cloud technology will create up to US$625 billion in annual economic impact in Southeast Asia by 2030.

– McKinsey & Company, The Paths to Sustained Economic Growth in Southeast Asia

The Core Team

Randy McGraw

Co-founder and Director

Pavan Gidwani

Co-founder and Director

Ben Sevilla


Liam Mendoza

VP & Chief Operating Officer

Lance Martinez

VP of Investments and Business Development

Christina Rabonza

VP and Legal Counsel