Digital Platforms

We set out to build an advanced technology platform (in Scala) that can automate ANY hospitality environment A to Z, including new shared work space operators, co-dormitels, hostels, and a new style of “digital keyless” hotels. And drive data from operations.

We succeeded.

But we quickly realized that we can use many of the innovations we have developed in our end-to-end marketing + booking + billing gateway + fulfillment + Guest Experience Enhancement platform to solve huge market problems for Hosts that want to re-purpose their spaces for work or play activities.

GoSPCE is the revolutionary platform that connects Hosts and Guests looking for both conventional and unconventional spaces for work and play activities. And automates the operations of the Host. And provides relevant marketing and customer service functionalities.

Our product is a full BtoB solution set that enables end-to-end management of the new emerging Guest Experience and the expectations of new consumer segments – digital marketing and customer acquisition, booking and fulfillment, in-app communications and self-service functions, full management of guest relations, monetization of value-add services, development of hyperlocal advertising networks and offers, and API links to aligned 3rd party service providers.

Mobile first with deep web expression, we also layer-in a content management platform for Hosts of all types to achieve a deeper engagement with their customers.

iamClaire. defines the new paradigm of Social Commerce.

We have created an online experience that marries Community, Media (UGC and PGC), and E-Commerce in unique, relevant ways. Our first expression is iamClaire, a community of Asian female Millennials who are highly interested in beauty, health / wellness, and lifestyle. It is our vision to inspire, motivate, and empower them in their journey towards world and self- discovery while providing the “soft sell” of a curated range of products to the community.

The platform solves fundamental Emerging Market problems for retailers, advertisers, and brands, enabling deeper reach and engagement with target audiences (communities) while providing solutions to data acquisition, messaging, timing, access and relevance.

The median age of the population in South East Asia’s Emerging Markets is 24; and ADC knows Millennials.

Millennial consumers require unique interaction models – Digital Marketing to reach them, digitally-driven Customer Service to address their needs, brands that are constructed for them, and digitally-anchored User Experiences (whether online or offline) to develop and maintain a profitable customer relationship with them.

FOOSE is the first in an emerging portfolio of Millennial hospitality brands to be conceived, developed, and operated by ADC. Powered by the core Proj:SPCE engine, FOOSE is a dormitory style shared living space brand geared for students.

Initially in 4 locations around metro Manila, with underlying real estate assets owned by ALTUS Capital Partners, the FOOSE roadmap will reach 22 O&O properties in the Philippines by 2020.

Asset owners around South East Asia can drive superior returns when converting their locations to FOOSE co-dormitels. Typical marketing expenses can reach up to 25% of revenue under conventional hospitality operator models, but ADC can drive this down to 15% without any decrement to occupancy. Manpower can consume as much as 30% of revenue, but with FOOSE powered by the core Proj:SPCE engine, this can be reduced to 15%.