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Dubbed as the “social media capital of the world”, it’s no wonder the Philippines is a hotspot for digital marketing to prosper. The market potential continues to grow with more Filipinos going online, joining social media, and getting into e-commerce. More MSMEs are also setting up shop and getting on board with digital marketing trends, finally recognizing its significance in making a mark.

The numbers

Statistics from January 2016 show that the Philippines’ Internet penetration went up from 44% in 2015 to 46% with Filipinos clocking in an average of 5.2 hours per day. Of course, its social media penetration also went up to 47% from 40% the previous year. It also takes the cake with most time spent on social media, topping the average number of hours spent on social media.  Mobile internet usage also went up with the help of cheaper smartphones and cheaper mobile data plans, going from 32% to 35%.

Businesses can’t look at these stats and still deny that digital marketing is for them. These numbers will continue to grow as the economy itself gets stronger and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram only get more popular and more accessible.

What’s trending

The face of the Internet and social media is constantly morphing. Technology finds a way to make everything easier, faster, more accessible each year and that affects our way of communication, entertainment, or simply putting our thoughts out there. Understanding these trends is vital to businesses who wish to wield the sword of digital marketing expertly. It’s all about connecting to the right audience, through the right device, at the right time.

One trend is content creation. While not exactly a new concept, it will still remain a dominant force in digital marketing. A study by Roper Public Affairs showed that 78% of consumers prefer brands and companies who deliver custom content as opposed to outright advertising. What will increase in popularity as the year progresses is interactive content. Apps like Snapchat, Periscope, and Vine engage with their targeted audiences in more effective ways than ordinary texts, photos, and videos.

Another not-so-new trend is the viral video. Nothing is more effective in catapulting your brand to digital marketing success than the viral video, only now your followers can enjoy it in 4K resolution. This latest upgrade in the viewing experience will make its way to smartphones sooner than later and will prompt consumers to make the shift from television to online viewing.

Finally, the emergence of wearable technology will influence advertisers to make it another marketing platform. Gadgets such as the Apple Watch, Google Glass, and the Oculus Rift that provide an augmented reality experience are already available and drawing users. It is predicted to be a $19 billion market by 2018.

Digital marketing isn’t just a new fad for business that companies should try and test out. It’s a proven business strategy to beat out the competition and gain and retain consumers. In order for businesses to effectively incorporate digital marketing into their business framework, the first thing they need to identify is which strategy is best for their bottom line. Then they need to incorporate that strategy into their business framework and overall marketing schemes for powerful and long-lasting results.

Whether it’s your first time or not to try out digital marketing for your business, the important thing is to make sure that it’s strategically planned based on data, it aligns with the goals of your business, and is able to give long-lasting results. Remember, digital marketing is an investment which means you need to expect returns. Therefore, your strategy should you bring you closer to fulfilling your goals.
You also need to remember that there is no single solution in digital  marketing that will benefit all types of businesses. One company’s road to success may not necessarily be yours and vice versa. It’s crucial to pinpoint your target customers and their online habits. Learn the type of websites they’re usually on, what devices they prefer to go online, what approach makes an impression to them, and what message they can relate to. Digital marketing is is forever evolving and your strategies will constantly have to keep up with it.
The bigger picture

With such big expectations from marketers, can the Philippines keep up? According to TechSavvy, yes they can. The industry is on the rise and its digital marketers offer a wide variety of specialization, from social media marketing to SEO and web development. The capacity and capability to compete in a global scale are there but a combined effort from digital marketing practitioners, the business sector, the Philippine government, and even by their educators are needed to stay above the rest.


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