At ADC, we are a team.

That team is comprised of strategic, financial, technology, product, digital marketing, and legal professionals with deep experience in ASEAN regional markets.

Above all, this is a partnership-oriented group that understands success in the digital space is all about building relationships and maintaining focus.

Supported by a cast of top-level professionals, the core team at ADC are:

Leadership Team

Randy McGraw
Co-founder and Director

Pavan Gidwani
Co-founder and Director

Ben Sevilla

Liam Mendoza
VP & Chief Operating Officer

Lance Martinez
VP of Investments and
Business Development

Christina Rabonza
VP and Legal Counsel

ADC Support Team

Lee May Yee
Senior Director, Business & Financial Planning

Glenda Niño
Director, Finance Control & Operations

Jill Manalo
Associate Director, Digital Products

Arvi Persan Pernia Lopez
Senior Marketing Manager, Branding & Public Relations

Anver Sarraga
Team Lead & Senior QA/Software Tester

Jarden Oblego, CFA
Business & Financial Associate