At ADC, we are a team.

That team is comprised of strategic, financial, technology, product, digital marketing, and legal professionals with deep experience in ASEAN regional markets.

Above all, this is a partnership-oriented group that understands success in the digital space is all about building relationships and maintaining focus.

Supported by a cast of top-level professionals, the core team at ADC are:

Leadership Team

Randy McGraw
Co-founder and Director

Pavan Gidwani
Co-founder and Director

Ben Sevilla

Liam Mendoza
VP & Chief Operating Officer

Lance Martinez
VP of Investments and
Business Development

Christina Rabonza
VP and Legal Counsel

ADC Support Team


Glenda Niño
Director, Business and Financial Analysis

Jill Manalo
Associate Director, Digital Products

Arvi Persan Pernia Lopez
Senior Marketing Manager, Branding & Public Relations

Anver Sarraga
Team Lead & Senior QA/Software Tester

Jarden Oblego, CFA
Business & Financial Associate